A Sour Cherry Pie Recipe to Try When the Season Arrives

Back in the 80s, I worked at a camp in Western Michigan, and if you got up early in the morning and drove down the coast road there would be tiny stands in the shade next to corn fields.  There, as if by magic, stood tables with white tablecloths laden with sour cherry turnovers, pies and summer stollens, still warm from the oven.  Not a person in sight – it was all there on the honor system and you left your money and took your pastry.  I have been trying to recreate those flavors ever since, but the  sour cherry season is woefully short and, well, this isn’t Michigan, so we are lucky to see them in New England at all.

So, if I wait to try this recipe before posting it the sour cherry season will be over and it will be pointless, so let’s hope this sour cherry pie recipe from the New York Times is as good as it looks.  If you do try it let me know what you think.